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Brian Thompson

Head Coach

Coach Brian brings a plethora of coaching experience to the table with over 450 games coached at the travel softball level, including 250 games as a Head Coach. Additionally, Coach Brian has coached over 150 games at the all-star and recreation levels in both softball and basketball. “Coaching provides a satisfaction for me not based on the wins that are accumulated over the years, but in the impact that you have on a young person’s life.  Nothing is more satisfying than watching a player grow to their full potential, both on and off the field and then watching that player grow to be a successful adult”. Coach Brian believes in creating a competitive environment where a player will be faced with challenges and adversity in which the player will need to overcome in order to achieve their goals and become successful.  Coach Brian will be entering his second year as Head Coach of the Ashburn Shooting Stars 2024 team during the 2021-2022 season.


Chris Erickson

Assistant Coach

Chris Erickson, Director of Softball Instruction, Fielder’s Choice, Purcellville, Virginia, specializes in softball instruction for girls ages eight to college level.  Coach Chris is a former college athlete; and high school football, baseball, and wrestling coach.  As a highly sought after hitting instructor in the Northern Virginia area, Coach Chris’ hitting instruction focuses on the mechanics and fundamentals of the swing.  In preparing athletes for the college level recruitment process, he not only further develops their skills, but teaches them the importance of confidence and leadership both on and off the field. 


Coach Chris is the proud parent of two adult children. He and his wife Lisa reside in Lovettsville, VA.


JJ Kolodziej

Assistant Coach

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